Poppy Paisley Top + Fit-n-Flare Jeans

Festival season is upon us and I can hardly wait to fall into the hype that surrounds it all. Right now, I'm just in anticipation mode and this look is perfect to hold me over until it's "that time of year" once again! I have on the Poppy Paisley Top and a pair of light wash Fit-n-Flare denim. To go into some specifics about why I like these pieces, for starters, the top is über functional and can be dressed down with ease. I think this paisley print is magnificent as well and my favorite part is the turquoise accents within the print. These jeans differ from most flares because they have an elastic waist and no zippers, which sends their comfort level through the roof! We've got both of these pieces in-store for you to spy and try.