Black + Gold Military Blazer

With the fact that we don't have a real winter around here, I am loving amping up my wardrobe with all different kinds of cardigans and blazers so I can peel off layers during the day. Seriously, the day may start off at a brisk 63 degrees at 8AM and by 9:30AM, you are about to peel off all of your clothes! (insert crying emoji face, lol!) You really do get to experience ALL the seasons in a day in South Louisiana! 


Outerwear has the ability to take a regular outfit from drab to FAB! That's where this black blazer comes into play. This isn't your ordinary run of the mill blazer, it is THE blazer! The gold buttons give it a little something extra. If you decide to button it, then it gives you the look of a Balmain blazer...but for a FRACTION (HELLO, SOMEBODY!) of the cost!


This look was styled with raw edge distressed skinny jeans but would also look great paired with some leather leggings and black booties!

You can shop my exact blazer and jeans by clicking here and here. I've also included some other jackets that have a similar feel.


So, are you feeling this jacket?! Leave a comment and let me know! 



Bell Sleeve Frenzy


So one of the most popular trends this year is the BELL SLEEVE! Am I RIGHT?! I'm right lol. Everywhere you look, there's a bell on a blazer, a shirt, a blouse, a cardigan. If it's not moving, it's GOT A BELL! Almost like Southerners and our need to put a monogram on everything, but I digress, lol! 

Anywho, back to the original topic...I absolutely fell in love with this berry pink bell sleeve top the first time I saw it. I immediately imagined all the things I could pair it with and of course black denim and leopard immediately came into play. If you didn't know, I absolutely and positively believe that leopard IS A NEUTRAL. You can argue with me until you're blue in the face that it's not but....IT IS! :) 


I cannot wait to pull out this top for upcoming holiday parties! It's the perfect shade of pink and would pair great with an awesome pencil skirt or black sequin leggings! The wheels are turning my friends (insert hand clap emoji here!) This top is linked HERE and I'm also including picks down below of some cute bell sleeve options I've seen around the way!


What do you all thinking about the bell sleeve trend? Yay or nay?! I'd love to hear your thoughts!



Tia, Baby

Holy Grail Baby Products

As most of you know, I welcomed a baby boy in mid-June who is now 4 months old! I can hardly believe it...time has gone by so fast! Whitt is such a happy baby (I'm so glad) because he is a real deal shop babyWhat's a shop baby you ask? A baby who is forced to go to work with mama everyday lol. He loves it though! He is very personable, much like big sister, so he hams it up with whoever comes by to shop and visit (insert praise hands emoji, lol).

Since he's with me the majority of the time, I definitely needed to make sure I invested in some good baby gadgets for home AND work! I can say my sister-in-law (hey, Nakea!) was real influential in putting some newer items on my radar. We happened to get pregnant around the same time, AGAIN, yes, AGAIN...our oldest are 6 months apart. We managed to get them a little closer in age this time...only 10 weeks! Anywho, back to the task at hand....BABY PRODUCTS! I definitely have my TOP 9 that I CANNOT/WILL NOT be without! 

Holy Grail Baby Products.png

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine

#1 The Halo Bassinest

This thing was a lifesaver once I got home from the hospital! Remember, my SIL is to blame for putting some things on my radar, just like this and I appreciate it. I love that it can pull right up to the bed and that once you lean on it, it clicks down so that you can easily grab baby. Word of caution though, this baby is HUGE! Be prepared for it to take up a ton of room but it's definitely worth it.

#2 Nuna Pipa

I HAD every intention of reusing my Britax B-Safe 35, only I couldn't find it, smh! (if you know me, totally normal, lol!) Therefore, the search was on for a new carseat! This is another one I'm blaming on the SIL! She had done her research. She shared the research. Some things I love about it...the DREAM drape (hello, built in carseat canopy!), the load leg on the base, and how lightweight it is. It pairs perfectly with any of the Nuna strollers and also pairs well with other luxury brand strollers. I went with the UppaBaby Cruz this time, and so far I'm loving it!

#3 Fisher Price Auto Rock n Play

I was introduced to the Rock n Play with my daughter Harper 4 years ago. She slept in that thing, napped in that thing, ROCKED in that thing! We would pack it up and take it everywhere we went. I tell all new moms that they HAVE to get it. Non-negotiable! I definitely wanted to get an upgraded version this go round. This one can be controlled by your phone with the Fisher Price Auto Connect App! Tired mamas? This is a no-brainer!

#4 The Dockatot

The Dockatot works hand in hand with the Halo! I'm not sure if it's recommend, so totally mom judgement here, but we stuck our Dock inside the bassinest. We LOVED how it made it comfy and cozy for baby Whitt. Since we've moved out of the bassinest, we now use it inside Whitt's crib. He also has another one at the store that we use for floor play and when he takes a nap. Definitely considered a MUST!

#5 Dreft Blissfuls

GAME CHANGER! So, I'm one of those moms who doesn't believe in purchasing the expensive baby laundry detergent! Everyone in our house uses ALL Free & Clear which works. No dyes, no fragrances. Win-win! Anywho, I was enjoying one of my alone trips to Target and lo and behold, I found this on the detergent aisle. So exciting! Less than $10 and lasts for weeks.

#6 Skip Hop Greenwich Backpack Diaper Bag

Mom of 2? Want free hands? Insert fashionable and functional diaper bag! I love how roomy this bag is. I can throw my crossbody in, 2 change of outfits for baby, and the essentials and be out the door.

#7 Baby K'tan

This baby wrap is a new one for me this time. Last time, I used the traditional style baby carrier. One of my friends used this with her baby and loved it so much, she gave this one to me as a gift. I used this a lot in the beginning to keep Whitt super close to me when we would go out in public to ensure that he was covered and not touched by people! Now, we use it almost daily when we're at the store when he wants to be held and mommy needs to get work done!

#8 Aden and Anais Burpy Bibs

Talk about functionality! These bibs. CAN'T. LIVE. WITHOUT. THEM. So you're feeding baby and you don't want to mess up their clothes, put this bib on them. This bib comes down low enough where it basically covers the top half of them and goes all around their neck (hallelujah hands!). Once you finish feeding baby, unsnap the bib and lay it across your shoulder. Instant burp cloth! TA-DA! It's like magic. These are super thick and made from muslin cloth. Softer after every wash!

#9 WaterWipes

If you don't like fragrances, these are the wipes for you. They're made from 99% water and stay moist 24/7. Use them for clean up, to wipe baby's face, to wipe baby's butt. Promise you'll be subscribing on Amazon for these! PROMISE!

What are some of your favorite baby products? And did you enjoy this post? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you!